In the end, both funerals went smoothly and I believe honored my mother as she wished. Without question we saved thousands of dollars and avoided needless traditional practices that most people, uninformed people, make for the deceased. I highly commend and recommend Mr. Vice for his compassion and services to grieving families.      

Mike H.
Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Not only were you informative in the guidelines and laws of burials in Michigan, but your sense of historical facts on the topic was riveting. Feedback from our members concurred that your presentation was educational as well as entertaining.

From a Program Coordinator’s perspective, I support your efforts to reduce the high costs associated with funerals and applaud your delivery of information. I feel comfortable referring you to our members, knowing they will be handled with care and compassion.

We look forward to scheduling another visit from you soon!

Warm Regards,
Debbie T. Program Coordinator, Senior Center