Scott Vice believes that you should be in control of the funeral that you will be arranging.  That means that you will experience less stress, spend less money and be empowered to decide every detail of the funeral process.  He will provide you with the free help you need for planning funerals.

Many of you have had questions about funerals but have never had anyone to ask.  Scott is going to make sure that you get honest, direct answers to those long held questions; questions about embalming, cremation, natural burials, military funerals, social security benefits and many more.

Scott Vice is the founder of AdVice Funeral Consultants and has been a Certified Funeral Consultant since 2011.  He is a former funeral director, deputy coroner and pastor.  Scott is currently a volunteer Chaplain for a local police department and has been a certified Grief Counselor since 2000.

Scott’s greatest passion and gift is teaching.  He has taught over 650 individual lessons in personal development as well and over 1100 messages of inspiration over a 19 year period.  As a former golf professional and PGA member Scott taught over 3000 individual golf lessons and developed his own unique system of golf instruction.

If you have ever had a question or simply wanted an opinion concerning a funeral from an unbiased and knowledgeable source, your search is over.  Ask any question concerning funerals and Scott will reply to your question within 24 hours.