TOLAD – Totem of Life and Death

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A TOLAD is another very creative idea to use if you are interested. Innovation within the Funeral industry is at an all time high.

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  1. Roland Stirnemann

    Scott, we scattered the ashes of my mother-in-law around some of the trees at the local church she attended for most of her life. The local church was the hub of her existence. It seemed to make the best sense. Since we are a part of the same local assembly it also gives us a sense of connection whenever we attend a service or event. When we pull into the driveway, my wife often points out to our sons that their ‘Nana’ is scattered around the trees in a certain area on the property. It lets them know that the local body of which we are a part goes beyond just ‘attending church’. There is a generational connection as well.

  2. Scott

    Thanks for sharing that information. I really appreciate that your sons see the circle of life and death first hand.

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