How to File a Complaint – Part 1

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There are times where you might want to hold a particular person or business accountable for errors, mistakes, unethical or even criminal behavior.  Here is part one of how to file a complaint if you so choose.  Filing a complaint may help you and your family and it just might help other families who will deal with that same business in the future.

Here is the information I mentioned in the video.
Phone:  Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Consumer Response Center  877-FTC-HELP or (877-382-4357)


Mail:  Consumer Response Center
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC   20580


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  1. Imogene Hart

    I filed a complaint against a funeral home several years ago because they tried to beat my mother-in-law out of a burial policy which she had carried for years. It was a small amount, and she had paid more into it than it was worth, but when she was in her 70’s it was worth more than she would ever pay on it in the future. At that time I worked for the Dept. of Commerce and Insurance here in Tennessee, and the investigator over cemeteries and funeral homes worked out of our office. He took our information and went to the funeral home to check on it. The funeral home was very unhappy with me for turning them in, but we never had another problem with them. If they took advantage of a lot of people, it was quite a hunk of money for them.

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