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Here is a short review of an article on planning an affordable funeral that appeared in a California newspaper.  The article is worth reading but it is missing information that is vital to planning your funeral.

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  1. Terry Torsu

    I am new to this so I am not familiar to certain terms on your funeral planning guide example on page 9 it asks for several things that I don’t know what to put like the subject about burial what is a vault/liner, and what are you supposed to put on the material of marker/tombstone space and what is the desired inscription on marker what do you put in that space

  2. Scott

    Good questions Terry. A vault or a burial liner is a container that the casket goes in when you have a burial. Many cemeteries will not allow the casket to be put directly in the ground. Some require that the casket is put inside of an outer box. A vault is a box with a lid that is placed in the grave first and then the casket is placed in it. A grave liner is used when the casket is put on the ground inside the grave and then covered with a rectangular box. It would look like the top of a butter dish that covers a stick of butter. You would mark on the planning guide if you wanted/needed a vault or grave liner. Green or natural burials will never require these.
    The marker is the monument that is constructed over the gravesite that will have the person’s name, date of birth, date of death and any other information they would want to include. It is made of marble or granite in most cases and it is the only visible thing typically seen at a gravesite. So in that space on the planning guide you would write down what kind of marker/monument you want and what you would want written on the marker. The words on the marker are known as an epitaph. Hope this helps.

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