Humor and Death

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Humor and death often go hand in hand as a way for humans to deal with the tragedy of loss.  Something must have been placed in the psyche of man that enables us to laugh in the face of death…literally.  The weight of death can be lightened with the use of humor at just the right time.  I tell a story here in this video of an experience I had as a funeral director that exemplifies what could occur around a funeral home.

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  1. Keith Wood

    Scott, great information on this vlog! Thank you for sharing this great revelation about Humor and Death. It’s very true, as humans we tend to use humor to get us through tragic situations. You pointing this out and trumpeting the idea that it’s not disrespectful to do so, when dealing with death, is very helpful to all mankind. May every soul in the world hear and understand your message! Truly enjoyed your stories…keep them comin’!

  2. Rita J Stanley

    At 67 years old, I still plan to live about 20 more years. However, it has been a concern to me how my funeral will be handled after watching my sons deal with their father’s funeral. After watching a few of your videos, I think I have a game plan. I want to thank you for helping guide me to these decisions. Could you please send me a copy of your funeral planning guide?

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