Five Unique Factors of the Funeral Purchase-Part 2

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There are five unique factors of the funeral purchase that make it different than any other purchase a family will experience.  This is one of the major reasons that families should plan their funeral before the actual need is present.  In her book, The American Way of Death, Jessica Mitford lists these factors.  This video covers the last three factors as I add my personal insights to this valuable information.

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  1. Brian Schrift

    I can not express how helpful these are! Scott has a passion for helping others understanding their rights and responsibilities when it comes to death of a loved one. The gentlemen Scott spoke of in this video, “Mike” is also a friend of mine and I am very familiar with the circumstances described in the video. Scott helped Mike and his family by empowering them with knowledge in a very trying time. Mike has mentioned to me in the past how much of a blessing and help Scott was to him when making these decisions.

  2. Arlo Moehlenpah

    This was another great video. Thanks again for the 11 page Funeral planning guide, Jane and I spent much time filling this out but I know in the future it will have been worthwhile..

  3. Janet Harrington

    Thank you for this very informatative video. I often wondered about the embalming process, something I would not like to have done when I pass, and was glad to hear it is not against the law to reject that option. My parents have crypts (kind of a space in a wall with a marble front). Would you know if it would be required to be embalmed if the deceased was not being buried in the ground and instead the buried in a crypt? Your video on cremation was also very informative.

  4. Scott

    Janet, a body does not have to be embalmed to be in a crypt. Some of the owners of the Mausoleums may require it as part of there contract but it would never be a law. Thanks for your feedback.

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